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because, nature

Mycelium powered
carbon dioxide generator

Living mycelium inside…

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Cover Your Crop

Plant protectors

Using natural materials to try create products that help you connect closer to nature.

Why? because,nature

Our first product is a mycelium powered carbon dioxide generator. This allows you to increase the CO2 levels in your indoor growing environment. Plants breathe carbon dioxide. Through increasing the C02 levels in the room, this helps the plant to photosynthesize.

Harness the power of Mycelium.

Our Thoughts...

What to do with your bag once its done? Composting Mycelium

Spent mushroom substrate is the soil-like material remaining after a

Companion plants and the power of plant protectors

Companion planting is a natural and affordable long term organic

How to use your Mycelium powered Carbon Dioxide Generator?

 Your Mycelium powered CO2 generator comes complete and is already

How to fruit your mycelium generator?

You can fruit your mycelium generator after your plants have

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